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Our Story

Our Mission

Kuchu Shabu’s number one focus is our staff.

Kuchu Shabu’s mission is simple. We strive to provide an experience our guests won’t forget, while maintaining the highest standards for the products we offer. Kuchu Shabu’s number one focus is our staff. We pride ourselves on offering a safe, exciting, and sustainable work life for all. We believe strongly that by simply appreciating and caring for our own, we then get to pass that energy to you, the customer.

Kuchu Shabu actively looks for methods to reduce our carbon footprint by responsibly sourcing ingredients. Our from scratch menu help us minimize our carbon footprint.

We’ve also teamed up with with Momentum Recycling for glass recycling and food waste composting!

What we offer

Kuchu Shabu offers a variety of choice and customization. The menu was created with care, taking into account all of today’s more common food allergies and dietary restrictions, including vegan and celiac disease. A great deal of our menu already fits these criteria. Kuchu Shabu is also keto and paleo friendly.

When we made the menu, we wanted to pay homage to tradition. Each dish is artfully constructed from beginning to end. From our house lacto fermented kimchi, to our sous-vide chashu pork and brisket, even our rice is prepared with utmost care and consistency.

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Kuchu Shabu

Fresh Ingredients Sourced Responsibly.