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Kuchu Shabu

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  • Edamame
    Edamame $7

    Traditional steamed edamame. Choice between regular salt or spicy garlic sauce. *Allergies - Gluten

  • The
    The "Kraken" $5

    Thai styled pork rinds served with a side of Thai chili vinegar for a kraken good time.

  • Takoyaki
    Takoyaki $8

    A traditional Japanese street food known for its intense umami flavor. Egg based batter poured into a spherical mold with pickled onion, octopus and green onion fried and topped with Tonkatsu sauce.
    *Allergies - Egg, Dairy

  • Vegetable Gyoza
    Vegetable Gyoza $9

    Traditional Japanese pork or vegetarian dumplings served with Ponzu dipping sauce.
    *Allergies - Gluten

  • Gyoza Pork
    Gyoza Pork $9

    Traditional Japanese pork or vegetarian dumplings served with Ponzu dipping sauce.
    *Allergies - Gluten

  • Chicken Karaage
    Chicken Karaage $13

    Lightly breaded, Japanese traditional style, chicken breast bites served with a side of semi spicy bang bang garlic sauce.
    *Allergies - Nightshade

  • Seared Ahi Tuna
    Seared Ahi Tuna $18

    Heavy sesame crust, lightly pan seared to perfection for a crisp exterior and soft interior. Served with Napa slaw and drizzled with poke sauce. Garnished with green onion.
    *Allergies - Gluten


  • Tonkotsu
    Tonkotsu $20

    A white miso and bone broth loaded with grilled corn, grilled Chashu pork belly, bok choy, black garlic, soft boiled egg, carrots and seasonal wild mushrooms.
    *Allergies - Eggs, Gluten

  • TanTanMen (Egg,Gluten)
    TanTanMen (Egg,Gluten) $20

    Noodles nestled in a dark tonkotsu broth, crowned with spicy pork, soft boiled egg, carrot, baby bok choy, and cilantro. Sprinkled with Sansyo.
    *Allergies-Gluten, Egg

Cold Ramen

  • Cold Ramen
    Cold Ramen $20

    Ramen can be made GF with rice noodles and/or vegan with tofu.

  • Hiyashi Chuka Beef
    Hiyashi Chuka Beef $20

    Flank Steak (medium rare), cilantro, daikon radish, slaw, cherry heirloom tomatoes, Sesame- Ginger sauce

  • Hiyashi Chuka Shrimp
    Hiyashi Chuka Shrimp $20

    Shrimp, egg crepe strips, cucumber strips, cherry heirloom tomatoes, imitation crab, daikon radish sprouts, Hiyashi Sauce


  • Shoyu Tuna Poke
    Shoyu Tuna Poke $20

    Tuna, avocado, mango, tobiko, cucumber, slaw, furikake seasoning, seaweed salad

  •  Spicy Salmon Poke
    Spicy Salmon Poke $20

    Salmon, avocado, mango, tobiko, cucumber, slaw, furikake seasoning, seaweed salad

*Shabu Shabu

Dine In Only

Japanese Hot Pot styled dining with our amazing broths and freshly sliced meats. Choose your protein, size and broth. All meats are thinly sliced to order and come with a side of vegetables, udon noodles and bowl of rice. The vegetables include bok choy, broccoli, seasonal mushrooms, cabbage and carrots.. Vegetarian and Gluten free options available.


1. Choose your protein and size

  • Japanese A5 Wagyu
    Japanese A5 Wagyu

    #1 Staff and Guest Choice

Japanese A5 hailing direct from Japan. Never frozen. The most sought after cut of beef. Japanese cows (Breed: Kuroge Washu) are massaged with sake, and beer is incorporated into their already robust diet, creating an incomparable marble. A5 is the most decadent cut of beef Kuchu has to offer.

  • Small (6oz) $85
  • Regular (8oz) $100
  • Large (10oz) $115
  • Australian Wagyu
    Australian Wagyu

    #1 Staff and Guest Choice

Whilst Australian Wagyu beef is rich and buttery like Japanese Wagyu, there are some differences when it comes to texture and size. Australia’s soils, grasses and climate all make Australian Wagyu beef naturally different to Japanese Wagyu.

  • Small (6oz) $39
  • Regular (8oz) $45
  • Large (10oz) $51
  • Extra Meat (4oz) $28
  • American Wagyu
    American Wagyu

A blend of Japanese wagyu and American Black Angus, locally raised and organic, Rich marbling packed full of Angus flavor and Wagyu buttery notes.

  • Small (6oz) $29
  • Regular (8oz) $33
  • Large (10oz) $36
  • Extra Meat $20
  • Ribeye

Choice grade center cut with decadent marbling robust flavor and very tender

  • Small (6oz) $25
  • Regular (8oz) $30
  • Large (10oz) $35
  • Extra Meat $17
  • Elk

A Wasatch favorite, This locally sourced meat is extremely lean and provides a unique non-traditional take on
Shabu Shabu.

  • Small (6oz) $28
  • Regular (8oz) $33
  • Large (10oz) $38
  • Extra Meat $17
  • Pork Loin
    Pork Loin

Lean American pork that adds a twist to Shabu Shab

  • Small (6oz) $18
  • Regular (8oz) $21
  • Large (10oz) $24
  • Extra Meat $11
  • Shrimp

Tender large jumbo prawns served with house Goma sauce.

  • Small (6oz) $26
  • Regular (8oz) $30
  • Large (10oz) $34
  • Extra Meat $17
  • *Mushroom (Seasonal)
    *Mushroom (Seasonal)

One large bowl of different types of wild mushrooms.

  • $20
  • *Vegetables (Seasonal)
    *Vegetables (Seasonal)

Two Shabu Shabu vegetable bowls.

  • $17

2. Choose your broth

This is the base/broth for the hot pot to cook your items at the table. The broth you choose will change the flavor profiles of the items you cook. Ask your server for pairing options.


The Japanese way to Shabu Shabu. Seasoned with onion, mushroom, ginger and garlic. Vegan.

*Allergies – Nightshade


Slightly creamy and complex base made from simmered pork bones and spices. Rich in flavor and best paired with high marbled meats.
*Allergies – Gluten


Salty and savory broth made with Red Miso and bone broth. Vegitarian Miso available upon request

*Shabu Shabu Extras

Add any additional side to your order.

  • Extra Udon Noodles
    Extra Udon Noodles $3

    For Gluten Free, ask for rice noodles.

  • Extra Bowl of Rice
    Extra Bowl of Rice $3
  • Additional Vegetable Plate
    Additional Vegetable Plate $7

    Or ask your server about specific vegetables you'd like. Charges may apply.

  • Bowl of Wild Mushrooms
    Bowl of Wild Mushrooms $20

    Daily wild mushroom mix. Items are uncooked.

Hot Sake by Tokkuri (flask)

These are our signature hot sake cocktails and regular hot sake served in 5oz and 10oz options

  • Regular Hot Sake

    Our house sake

  • 5oz-$7
  • 10oz-$14
  • Mikan Blossom (Citrus)

    Grand Mariner and Triple Sec in hot Sake

  • 5oz-$7
  • 10oz-$14
  • The Purple Phase

    Chateau Monet Raspberry in hot Sake

  • 5oz-$7
  • 10oz-$14
  • Melon-Choly

    Kinsen Plum and Madori Melon in hot Sake

  • 5oz-$7
  • 10oz-$14
  • Apple Bottom Jeans

    Sour Apple Pucker And Madori Melon in hot Sake

  • 5oz-$7
  • 10oz-$14

Cold Sake by Tokkuri (flask)

This is a mix of unfiltered sake and Flavored Sake served cold in 5oz or 10oz

  • Momokawa Silver – Tokubetsu Junmai

    The Tokubetsu designation indicates this is a sake with more robust rice flavors

  • 5oz-$6
  • 10oz-$12
  • Bottle-$28
  • Momokawa Pearl – Nigori

    The Nigori designation indicates that this is a creamy sake

  • 5oz-$6
  • 10oz-$12
  • Bottle-$28
  • Hana Orange – Ginjo Sake infused with orange

    Floral with a sweet orange flavor. Finishes sweet on the palate.

  • 5oz-$7
  • 10oz-$14
  • Bottle-$32

Cold Sake by Bottle

A wide variety of unique Sake’s that are sure to please. Only sold by the bottle. Unfiltered “Nigori” sake is a brew that has been coarsely filtered to allow the unfermented rice particles to remain in the sake to add a creamy like texture and more robust flavor

  • Yoshinogawa Winter Warrior – Junmai Ginjo $50

    Junmai indicates a more floral sake. Lush fruit aroma and complex tropical tones.

  • Tsuki White Peach Nigori – Infused Nigori $68

    Premium unfiltered sake, infused with natural peach flavor.

  • Konteki Pearls of Simplicity – Junmai Ginjo $80

    Using Fushimi Mizu and Yamada Nishiki the brewers achieve floral notes, a crisp finish, with a hint of licorice

Wine by Glass or Bottle

  • Kris Pinot Grigio – 2020, Italy

    With enticing aromas of acacia flowers, lime, tangerine and hints of apricots and almonds, KRIS Pinot Grigio is bold but clean and refreshing.

  • Glass-$10
  • Bottle-$43
  • Matua Sauvignon Blanc

    Pineapple, tropical fruit, crisp finish, and notes of green apple linger on the palate.

  • Glass-$9
  • Bottle-$40
  • Chalk Hill Chardonay

    Bright flavors of plum and black cherry, with inviting aromas of ripe strawberry. A Kuchu Shabu fan favorite.

  • Glass-$10
  • Bottle-$43
  • Hahn Pinot Noir – 2020, California

    This wine’s bouquet charms with scents of vibrant red cherry, red plum, and hint of spices with slightly toasty notes. On the palate, medium silky tannins with a soft, round mouthfeel and notes of earthiness.

  • Glass-$11
  • Bottle-$44
  • Dry Creek Zinfandel – 2019, Sonoma County

    81% Zin, 19% Petite Syrah, balanced with deep, brooding characteristics of heirloom vines.

  • Glass-$12
  • Bottle-$45
  • Charles Krug Merlot – 2019, Napa Valley

    Bold flavor with a smooth finish. Notes of vanilla, oak, and tobacco.

  • Glass-$14
  • Bottle-$54

Japanese Beer

  • Sapporo Draft $7

    Japanese Lager 5%

  • Kirin Ichiban 12oz/22oz 5% $8 / $14

    Japanese Lager

Local Beer

All Utah breweries with award winning beer

  • 2 Row Feeling Hazy, DIPA – 9% $9

    Mosaic and El Dorado hops. Tropical and fruit forward with a balanced malt finish. Chef’s favorite.

  • Templin Family Brewing Wicked Sea Party, Hazy Pale Ale – 5% $11

    Pops of salt, and citrus, with an herbaceous finish

  • MOAB Pilsner – 5% $9

    Noble Hops Tettnanger and Saaz (hops), Light and crisp finish. A classy PBR.

  • KiiTOS Brewing, Citrus Wheat Ale – 5% $10

    Orange peel, cardamom, coriander.

  • Wasatch Devastator, Double Bock Lager – 8% $8

    Plum, malt, rich.

  • Level Crossing Rye IPA – 6.9% $8

    Intense grapefruit aroma and flavor with notes of orange and lemon peel.

  • Epic Brewing, Chasing Ghosts Double Hazy IPA – 10% $8

    Double dry-hopped, double hazy, double new England-style. Double cool points for this one.

  • Epic Brewing, Cross Fever Amber Ale – 5.1% $12

    Caramel sweet malt encompasses the palate with intense citrus hop aroma. Refreshing.

  • RoHa Brewing, Shambo Juicy IPA – 7% $8

    Rock, paper, scissors! Pairs well with indecisiveness, and friendly disputes.

Other Beers and Seltzers

Non local beer and Hard Seltzers

  • White Claw Hard Seltzer $6

    Watermelon, Mango, Black Cheery

  • Kokanee American Styled Lager $6

    Delivers a smooth, clean and lightly hopped taste with a nice pale straw color. Canadian Brewery

  • GF New Planet Pale Ale $7

    Full of bright, citrus fruit flavors with a balanced hop character. ABV 6%

  • Rogue Dead Guy $7

    Deep honey in color with a malty aroma, rich hearty flavor and a well balanced finish. ABV 6.8%

Specialty Cocktails

A small taste of our specialty cocktails. We do offer a wide range of liquor options for your liking. Enjoy!

  • Bloody Samurai $12

    Luna Azul tequila, blood orange, citrange, fresh squeezed lemon

  • The Juan and only Manhattan $14

    High West Bourbon, sweet vermouth, yuzu bitters and orange bitters.

  • Marley Mule $14

    Kraken Rum, fresh squeezed lime, chocolate bitters, orange bitters ginger beer.